I regularly get asked if a Health and Safety Inspector can turn up unannounced. Simply put, the answer is YES they can.
The reasons for a visit can include:

  • A complaint has been received from an employee or member of the public.
  • A reported incident.
  • A spot check.
  • A follow up to see that you have completed a previous instruction given to you.

You are obliged to comply with them; however, should you not agree with their decision, including an enforcement notice or “fee for intervention (FFI)” you can get in touch with the Health & Safety Executive to log an appeal.

If you are concerned that you may get an unexpected visit and not sure what to do or how to ensure your compliance with Health & Safety Regulations, please get in touch with me for an informal coffee and chat.

Would you like to discuss having a Health & Safety Assessment carried out?

Please get in touch.

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