Health and Safety Executive Talking Toolkits Helping to Tackle Work-Related Stress

 To help you protect your employees from work-related stress, Health and Safety Executive have produced guides and Talking Toolkits. These are designed to help employers recognise the early signs of work-related stress.

 The guidance includes Risk Assessments, management standards, tackling stress workbooks and their Talking Toolkits.

 “Our Talking Toolkits provide a framework for line managers to have simple, practical conversations with employees to help prevent stress. The sector specific tools have been developed with input from those sectors.”

HSE also provides work-related stress case studies to illustrate exactly how these guides can be used, and include a NHS Trust Hospital, a Metropolitan Council and a Science company. Detailing how they assessed the risks, developed solutions, the results of taking action and further tips for each case.

For more information and to download the guides, visit:

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