Where 2m social distancing is not possible, consider these additional control measures where 2m social distancing is not possible:

Consider if the activity needs to continue or if it can stop.
Keep the number of people working who cannot social distance to a minimum.
Reduce the number of people in close proximity in the work area.
Limit the movement of people around the site. Consider if workers stay in one place, or at one workstation when working.
Limit the amount of different equipment or surfaces that people need to touch.
Assign workers to teams which then socially distance from other teams. Keep workers in the same teams as far as possible to limit social interaction. Keep teams as small as possible. If a team member becomes ill with symptoms of coronavirus, they and the rest of the team should follow the UK government guidance on self-isolation.
Use screens between people to create a physical barrier. You should keep the screens clean.
Organise the space so that people are side-by-side or facing away from each other rather than face-to-face.
Mark the floor of areas such as lifts to show where people should stand and what direction they should face.


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For more guidance see @health-and-safety-executive https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/social-distancing

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