Many businesses take their health and safety responsibilities very seriously and you are probably one of them. Like many employers though, you might find it is not always easy to keep up to speed with all the new H&S regulatory requirements or indeed keep track of how you as a business stack up against them.

That’s why Health and Safety audits are an important tool in benchmarking companies’ compliance with current legislation related to health and safety at work. It is normally a critical, in-depth examination of an organisation’s health and safety management system.

TSE Solutions provide audits, they are always undertaken by our experienced team of health and safety consultants. This can be provided as a one-off ‘stand-alone’ service, but it is normally carried out for our clients at commencement of the support service in order to provide a clear picture of an organisations performance in terms of health and safety management.

As a result, remedial actions can be taken before incidents occur. Once the audit has been completed we’ll then submit a report outlining the findings with our recommendations of any actions required – helping to form your health & safety plan.

We are here to work with you every step of the way, and so any deficiencies we do identify during the audit will always been fully discussed and actions agreed every time – thereby ensuring there are never any nasty surprises! If you want to know more get in touch with us here.

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