If your business intends to construct new premises, or alter existing premises, you are required under the CDM 2007 legislation to have a CDM co-ordinator.

What is a CDM co-ordinator?
A CDM (Construction Design and Management) Coordinator is a qualified Health and Safety whose role is to advise the Client on health and safety issues during the design and planning phases of construction work and is someone who has and knowledge and experience of planning, management, construction, and communications.

The alterations could include demolishing, extending or changing. A CDM co-ordinator will guide you through the process ensuring that health and safety advice is followed and risks kept to a minimum.

TSE Solutions highly qualified CDM co-ordinators will undertake the following actions for you:
• Advise and assist you in identifying what your business needs to do to comply with CDM 2007.
• Ensure that arrangements are in place for co-ordination and co-operation during the planning and preparation phase
• Identify and collect the pre-construction information
• Take steps to ensure that designers comply with their CDM duties. • Notify HSE that CDM work is taking place.
• Facilitate good communication between client, designers and contractors
• Prepare and update health and safety file.

If you have any questions regarding CDM co-ordinators, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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