If a respirator is incorrectly fitted, it will not provide you with protection. HSE’s latest video advises healthcare workers currently using respiratory protective equipment (RPE) on the importance of fitting respirators correctly.

Before using a respirator for the first time, or before using a different brand of respirator, it is vital that you carry out a fit test for the model and size of respirator you are going to use.

This will make sure it fits to your particular facial characteristics.

Once you have been fit tested for a particular respirator, you must ensure it is on correctly each time it is used by performing a fit check.

You should follow these three simple steps:

◼️ Familiarise yourself with the guidance and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting your equipment.

◼️ Put your respirator on using a mirror – make sure the straps are in the correct place and are not twisted or crossed over.

◼️ Ensure your own safety – before entering the workplace you must carry out a fit check.

Watch the video, featuring HSE’s Chief Medical Advisor Professor David Fishwick, which provides guidance on how to fit RPE correctly.

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