Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risk to their health. This includes contractors and self-employed people. 

You must give your workers clear instructions and information, as well as adequate training. Make sure you include employees with particular training needs, for example new recruits, people changing jobs or taking on extra responsibilities, young employees and health and safety representatives. 

Make sure everyone has the right level of information on:

  • Hazards (things that could cause them harm)
  • Risks (the chances of that harm occurring)
  • Measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks
  • How to follow any emergency procedures

Ask your workers if the training is relevant and effective. Keeping training records will help you decide if refresher training is needed. The information and training should be easy to understand. Everyone working for you should know what they are expected to do. Health and safety training should take place during working hours and must be free for employees.

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